Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2014 in Rewind

It's been a crazy year and I'm so sorry for not posting in a while, life has been crazy busy since i got back from Vietnam. Work and school have basically taken over my life. However, today i want to look back at 2014 because it was a pretty amazing year. From Prom, Tanya's Wedding, World Challenge, Meeting new friends, Starting A levels, Camping, Thorpe Park, Getting a job, My 17th Birthday, receiving my GCSE results... It's been full on. I'm not going to talk through my photos, i'm just going to share a few of my favourites from my year,

Here is to an amazing 2015! A few things to look forward to include My 18th, Holiday to America (New York, San Fran, LA and Canada) and possibly getting a tattoo (We'll see about that one!).
Yasmin xoxo