Saturday, 28 June 2014

Born Pretty Store

So this is a long overdue post, i did post these Nail art pictures already on instagram but i am yet to do a full review on them.

I got sent a few items of my choice from The Born Pretty Store


Firstly, i got sent a wheel with circle, colourful (almost neon) studs.
I used the pink ones to compliment some rose nail art. 

I really love these studs, especially the size because they will be versatile. 

Flower Water Decals

Something else i chose was these gorgeous floral water decals. I've never tried water decals before so they were quite new to me however i found them really easy to use!

Floral Stickers

I've never used stickers either before and I should because they're so easy to use and provide beautiful looking nail art with minimal effort (if you even count ordering them as effort).

I like the design with these but i'm not sure about the transparency of them. A base coat of polish might work but i would think you would then loose the pattern.

Feather Water Decals

I opted again for some water decals but this time some feather style ones. Again, they were easy to use and I love the design.


I often use normal makeup sponges for my nail art but i chose these nail art sponges specifically for doing gradients. They were really easy to use too.

Overall, I love all my products from Born Pretty and they are all cheap (perfect for a frugal nail addict such as myself).

Love, Yasmin xoxo