Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Catherine Wheel Glitter Gradient

Today i'm using two gorgeous polishes from Models Own, Catherine Wheel which is a stunning gold strand glitter and Coral Glaze from the new HyperGel collection (well not so new now).

I wasn't so keen on Strand Glitter polishes, i'm not overally happy with them still, but I love this one. I usually find that Strand Glitters don't look as good as glitters with lots of different shapes and sizes. However this one does have some different shaped glitter pieces which makes it look better.

Many people ask my how i do my glitter gradients and the answer is layering! Start off with one layer of glitter going the highest you want it. Then once that has dried keep adding more layers of glitter, getting shorter and shorter so at the tip it has the thickest amount of glitter. 

Thanks for reading.
QOTD: Strand Glitter; yay or nay?

Yasmin xoxo

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