Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Feature on Nail It!

NailIt! Magazine logo

So this is just a super quick update post really.

I want to link you guys to my Nail it Tutorial for this Floral design:

I'm honoured to have had the chance to do this for Nail It as one of my dreams as a nail artist was to be featured on the site, let alone them asking me to do a tutorial! I hope you guys like it!

Love, Yasmin xoxo


(Banner from Steph's etsy)

Today i'm blogging about the gorgeous etsy shop called Stephanieverafter.
I have enjoyed my products from Stephanie's shop so much, i just need to blog about them to show everyone her amazing items.

First is my stunning Pink flower Headband.

I just can't describe how much i love my headband. The colour is quite perfect; a beautiful pastel pink. 
It is super comfy to wear, i know usually some headbands can be uncomfortable, i was put off buying some because i have brought so many in the past that hurt when you wear them.

The headband looks so pretty on. I love the vintage feel and unique twist it gives to my outfits.

Here is a close-up to show you the detail in the flowers.

Next is my Glitter Bow...
(Mine is in the Colour Gun Metal.)

I wear his Bow with so many outfits. I love how it can spice up a outfit easily. You can also style it in different ways which i enjoy experimenting with.

Here is the link to Stephanieverafter

I love the products for sale, so go have a look yourself and i'm certain you'll find something you like.

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Barry M Princess

I've got a really gorgeous polish to show you! Barry M Princess is a pink textured polish from one of their most recent collections.

My swatch is without a topcoat to show you the texture-y goodness! It kinda reminds me of sugar on my nails and i love the colour. I swatched the white one from this collection a while back and loved it and had to get another, though i hardly use textured polishes i do love these. I may even have to get a few more because i've been impressed with the two i have.

Do you like textured polishes? If so, what's your favourite range of textured polishes?

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Sunday, 2 February 2014

eBay Nail Bargains

Honestly, i hardly ever buy nail polish or nail tools full price, i always look for offers, deals or sales.
I have collected some of my favourite bargains from eBay for you frugal nail addicts like me!

Free delivery

Who can resist a deal on Essie? Certainly not me, Essie is one of my favourite brands and i'm proud to say i've never paid full price for it.

Free delivery

NOPI polishes are super pretty and for a bit over a fiver who can complain?

Free delivery

I love OPI and this seller has a range of polishes for brilliant prices; i'm happy!

Free delivery

Myself, i have a huge range of nail stud wheels and none of them were expensive. I use studs all the time so these are a must-have item for me.

Free delivery

I am not a huge China Glaze fan myself, but these colours here are really pretty and for £5.80 you can't really go wrong.

Free delivery

I use Nail art Dotters all the time basically. Because i'm too lazy to clean mine, i'll buy a new set every 4 or so months and for only 2.99 it's fine!

Free delivery

Nail art glitter is a must for me as i use it for glitter gradient manicures and i can also use it for eye-makeup looks, so its a two-in-one product!

Free delivery

I use these brushes a lot of the time for my nail art, so i highly recommend them for only £1.57!

QOTD: Do you shop on eBay for nail deals? Or do you pay full price?

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Dry Marble and Bow nails

Today i've got this really simple but cute mani idea to show you.
I used OPI I have a Herring Problem on most of my nails, then i used the dry marble technique on my ring nail using different purple polishes. I then finished it off with a bow charm i got from eBay.

I love this manicure purely because it was so easy to do and took no time at all. It also looks so pretty which is a bonus!

Will you be trying this mani idea?

Love, Yasmin xoxo