Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Top 5 Moments of my 2013

So i'm writing this super later as always because i'm terrible at planning my posts, but hey-ho.
I just wanted to share some of my top 5 memories for this year, it hasn't been action packed by all means, that's why it's only top 5. However, i do know my 2014 will be so exciting. I'm starting Sixth Form after i finish school in June, which i am ridiculously looking forward to. And who could forget Prom? End of June 2014 i'm attending my Prom which i have admittedly been excited for since 2009... No shame at all, i've been looking at prom dresses since then. 
What about Vietnam and Laos? In July i'm going on my World Challenge to a part of the world i've never been too and i've been ecstatic for it since i signed up almost 1 and 1/4 hears ago. I have been working hard to raise my money for this trip and a month out there is going to be the tip of a lifetime.

But back to 2013, My top 5 Moments:

Completing my first ever Run!

Early this year i completed my first ever run, 4k, for World Challenge. I raised money and had a lot of fun doing it! It was difficult with my asthma and i did have to train before hand. It was worth it though.

 Alton Towers visits x2

So i visited Alton Towers, one of my favourite places for a day out, twice in the Summer. One with my Family and Gina, and another time with just Gina. I love roller coasters and thoroughly enjoyed the new Smiler ride, i did scream a bit too much on my first go though.

Random little moments with my Friends

(Just a casual Racoon on me)
(Out for a meal)
(Out for another meal)

I've really bonded with some people this year and lost some, but that's bound to happen. I did loose someone quite close to me but now i know what that person is really like. But i have been able to gain trust with others and i'm happy to have gained these new relationships.

My 16th Birthday

Who can forget one of my favourite birthdays ever? I've not long blogged about it but it was an amazing moment from this year so i had to include it.

Catching Fire Premier!

I can't believe i actually didn't blog about this event. I went to the Catching fire Premier on November 11th in London. Queued from 7am in the morning and had to catch a train at 4am, but it was so worth it. I met some of my idols; JENNIFER LAWRENCE, in capitals just because i love her, Liam Hemsworth, in which you can see i took a very derpy with him *screams in my head*, Josh Hutcherson, Jena Malone, Willow Shields and also Brooke Bundy, i also got a blurry picture with her.
I am also going to be going to the MockingJay premier next year, so lets hope i can meet Sam Claflin next year? 

So i hope you enjoyed this post. I certainly loved going back on my highlights.

I don't have any resolutions for 2014. Just be happy and  love myself, ignore the flaws i think too much about.

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Snowflake Nails

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Plenty of polish related presents i hope? 
I have this really cute snowflake manicure to show you today. I love doing glitter gradients and decided to mix it with some small snowflakes.
I used a few different glitters for the gradient, 3 different blue glitters and one multi coloured glitter polish. I then drew concise little snowflakes on the gradient using a small brush and just white polish. I sometimes use acrylic paint but i've ran out! But polish is just as good for nail art when it's not too detailed.

These feel so winter-y, I love it! Though England hasn't had any snow yet, I think snow just reminds me of Christmas and winter. 

Have you done any Christmas or Winter nail art yet? I can't believe this is my first one this year, usually i do quite a few.

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Sunday, 22 December 2013

16th Birthday OOTD + Nails

So 20th December was my 16th Birthday!
I've always been asked if I was 16/17 (once i even got mistaken for 18!) since I was 15, and it's never bothered me. But thinking about it, I don't want to look older than I am too quickly, right? Because when I'm older I'll want to look younger.

Anyway, today I have my OOTD from my party and my nails!

First; My OOTD:

 And a close-up of my clutch and nails...

Dress: Asos from Ebay
Clutch: Accessorize
Necklace: Miss Selfridge
Bracelet: Avon 
Shoes: River Island
Belt: New Look

And now, my Nails:

These were the nails i did in celebration of my birhday but the ones below are the ones i wore on the day or my birthday and party.

And just to give you cake envy, here was my cookie cake i had:

Toffee and Chocolate chip- yum!

It was a great day with special people, really one of my favourite birthdays i've ever had.

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Gold and Black Party Nails

Nails are always the perfect accessory for parties and especially with this party season coming up, having the best nails is crucial! I was never really into gold until recently, and now i'm wearing gold everything! I own lots of gold jewellery now and i'm wearing it a lot more on my nails. 
Today i have this easy but edgy design for your Christmas parties! Paired with black and gold jewellery, these nail just pop!

I love the studs, they add a edgy feel to the nail art and the leopard looks detailed but it is actually easy to recreate.
Show me your holiday party nails!

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Dry Marble Nails

So today i have this super cute mermaid-looking mani to show you! It's not intentionally mermaid looking, i think the colours just made me think of the magical mermaid.

I used Color Club (unkown) from a set from TK Maxx. It's a gorgeous shimmery blue, it is very translucent but with about 3 coats it becomes darker. I also used a dark blue and light blue by Rimmel.

This manicure is really easy to replicate! I would love to record a video of me doing this dry marbling method, but it's so difficult to show how to do it. Maybe i'll be able to do one soon.

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Monday, 2 December 2013

TarasTalons Review

I got sent these gorgeous polishes from Tara from TarasTalons the other day! I was so excited to swatch these because they're so pretty! 

First up is savage! A sheer shimmer red topper. Savage is in a 5ml bottle.

Here is the polish on the swatch wheel. You can see it on its own, as well as when you use a base of red underneath. I prefer it with the red base as this polish is more of a topper.

I honestly love this polish! The shimmer is stunning and the colour is perfect for this Christmas holidays! I can see myself wearing this for parties over this season.

Next up is Robots...

Robots is a beautiful opaque grey shimmer polish. This polish is in the regular 10ml bottle. You only need a thick 1 coat to get even coverage. I'm actually not a fan of the colour grey, but I think this polish is so lovely! The grey doesn't look dirty, it's quite refreshing and shiny. 

Here you can see what the polish looks like in 1 and 2 coats;

Robots has a great shimmer to it, it's silvery looking. It's also amazingly glossy with a topcoat and looks gorgeous in the sun!

What I also really love about these polishes is that they come with these handy polished stickers on top. These are so helpful when you have boxes full of polishes and you're trying to find the one you want!

Help support UK indie makers by purchasing TarasTalons at her etsy www.etsy.com/shop/tarastalons or on her brand new website www.tarastalons.com

Tara has also been kind enough to offer my readers 10% off her Shop! Use discount code Save10 

Love, Yasmin xoxo