Saturday, 23 November 2013

Fall Dotticure

Argh, long time no blog! So glad to be back! Just been so busy with exams recently and i hate it because i feel like i let my followers down when i don't post. However, my GCSE's are important to me so i've had to take a break. At least that means English Language and Maths are over and done with hopefully!

Anyway, back to nails! Today i have this super cuter and easy dotticure design.
With colours inspired by Autumn, this is perfect to match with the season.

I used a few different browns, a pale and a dark brown and a white for the dots. I tried to use different shades to get the gradient effect.

The shade of brown i used is 'Miss fancy pants' from Essie. It's just a gorgeous colour and i'll be using it much more for this autumn.

I just hate how i couldn't get any really decent photos. It gets dark t like 4pm and the lighting for my pictures has just been dull.

I hope you like this mani! Let me know what you think and leave any suggestions in the comments...

Yasmin xoxo

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