Thursday, 3 October 2013

Pretty Leopard Print

Today's manicure was inspired actually by my Mum. Not by her personally, but her manicure choices. 
I always do her nails once a week and in return she buys me a nail polish once a month.
This weekend i did her nails in this gorgeous leopard print with a glitter accent nail. Mum loves pink and leopard print, so i combined that with Barry M Lychee, which is a beautiful light brown, and i useda cute seche vite glitter to compliment.
I loved her manicure so much, i did it on myself!

Here is the manicure on myself...

I really love the combination! I think it matches well, and compliments the colour theme. The glitter accent works well because it breaks up the leopard print. If they were all leopard print, they would look strong and too bold.

And then here is my mothers and myself's matching nails!

Cute right?

Love, Yasmin xoxo

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