Monday, 28 October 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness nails

Today i'm featuring some nail art i did for BCA (Breast cancer awareness) month. 
I love doing nails for themes such as this because cancer is such a big thing now a days and people need to be more aware of signs of cancer. I love seeing everyone posting tips for spotting cancer on instagram and other social networks, you never know that your post could save someone's life.

 I did these also with a nail buddy from India. Her Instagram is @nailsrighthere so be sure to check her out!

I hope you liked this nail art, maybe you decide to some of your own for bca month?

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Cath Kidston Inspired Nails

Todays nails are inspired by a famous Cath Kidston print/design. 
The design is originally blue but i wanted to do it in green! 

I do apologize for only one picture, as i have lost the others due to getting a new phone and due to my laptop that keeps freezing and breaking.

Nonetheless, i love this manicure! The flowers look pretty and i like the white spots and background white flowers. I have used this polish a lot and it's called Jade Stone by Models own. It's the prettiest green polish i've ever come across and the perfect pastel green, though it isn't summer anymore!

I know people who follow me on instagram will be wondering where my Halloween manicures are! Well, i am going to do collective post of all the manicures i do for Halloween. I don't want my blog to be full of Halloween themed stuff! Though i will post my Halloween ootd separately!

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Autumn Nails

I will start off by apologizing, mainly for my absence (if you include 11 days as a long absence). I've been majorly busy and i've been getting very impatient with my laptop! It keeps lagging and freezing! But, i digress...

Today i did this stunning manicure inspired by Autumn (Fall to you Americans).
When i think of this season, i think; browns, oranges, leaves, nature... and this is what inspired me. I used my new claires nail polishes, which were featured in my last post, as they are just perfect for this Autumn.

I think this mani is super cute and represents the beautiful shades Autumn is know for. I adore the ring accent nail, the orange roses are pretty and the glitter adds a bit of bling to the whole look.

What colours will you be sporting this Fall? 

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Sunday, 6 October 2013

September Haul

This September i sure did buy a lot! Well, in my terms i did. I don't usually spend too much a month, but this month I've had extra vouchers to spend. I went up to town at the beginning of the month with my lovely mummy, then Milton Keynes Mall towards the end of the month with my Friends. I always save up when i go to Milton Keynes as there is so many shops, hence so much more to choose from and buy! 

I'll start with beauty...

Here is a group photo of the beauty products i brought in Milton Keynes. It doesn't look a lot, but it did add up to quite a bit with the other separate beauty bits.

These are the Barry M polishes i brought. I got two of the new ones, The Crystal Glaze and Lady from the new Textured collection. I also got one of the new superdrug limited edition polishes, which i actually got a day before it came out because the lady in superdrug was super helpful and let me go through their whole private stock! 

I got this cute nail art glitter from Primark which i am going to use for my Media coursework as i'm planning a matching makeup/nails combo. This was only £1.50 and i think it's just so pretty! 

I went in for a cheeky visit into claires, and they had nail polish for £1! I restrained myself and only got these pretty two polishes! They will work really well for Autumn which is why i got these two... and obviously because i love glitter polish so much! 

I decided to treat myself to a beautiful bath bomb from Lush! I always love Lush things and i like to get a bath bomb or something now and again. Can't remember the name of this one, but it's a lovely one with cute confetti in it.

One of Barry M's new mascaras is Lash Vegas. It was free when i spent £9 or more on Barry M (obviously i was going to spend that anyway). I been trying it during this week, and i might do a blog post on it as so far i'm not overly impressed, but i'll release my full thoughts another time.

I'm going to include these anyway, they arrived in October but i ordered them late September.
I got Revlon Popular and W7 Baby pink from fragrancedirect. The Revlon was £0.99 (an amazing bargain or what?) and the W7 for £1.50.

And finally is these three nail polishes i brought at thee beginning of the month. Boots had buy one get one half price, so the models own were only £7.50 for the two! Yes, you've seen these on my blog already, but i brought them in September so i thought i should include them.

And now, Clothes...

First, well i didn't get this first but oh well, is this cute cami from New Look. I originally got a pink one, but had to swap it for a bigger size as honestly, it squashed my chest! I went to get the bigger size but they had sold out, but luckily i got this one and a pink v-neck one, pictured below, together for the same price as they were on sale! I love them and i believe that cami tops are a must for this autumn! Matched with a leather jacket or a chunky knit cardigan, it makes a simple but chic look. 

I needed some more plimsolls, i think they're a must for casual day-to-day shoes and my last ones have ripped slightly underneath. I got these from New look and they were only £12, which is pretty good seen as these seem very good quality. 

Next is this beautiful statement necklace i got from River Island. I had been looking for one for a while now, and this one jst ticked all my imaginary boxes. It's white which will got with a lot, it's pretty and has a nice bit of bling on it!

I've wanted this peplum top for ages! It's always been out of stock online and in store, but when i went up to Milton Keynes, the New look there is huge and i finally found it! After about three months of searching different New look stores! I love it, it fits and flatters perfectly and will go with a lot of different clothes because of it's colour.

If you follow my personal instagram, you would have seen this before already and you have already seen this in a ootd post, but i did buy this early September. I've wanted a leather jacket for so long and i finally had enough money and a 25% voucher at River Island to get this! Only £45, and it's just perfect. I love the fur collar, and it comes off which would make it more night time/going out.

Finally, i'm finished.
Yes, i did go overboard and i did buy a lot!
But i haven't had a good shopping haul in so long, so i'm happy.

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Pretty Leopard Print

Today's manicure was inspired actually by my Mum. Not by her personally, but her manicure choices. 
I always do her nails once a week and in return she buys me a nail polish once a month.
This weekend i did her nails in this gorgeous leopard print with a glitter accent nail. Mum loves pink and leopard print, so i combined that with Barry M Lychee, which is a beautiful light brown, and i useda cute seche vite glitter to compliment.
I loved her manicure so much, i did it on myself!

Here is the manicure on myself...

I really love the combination! I think it matches well, and compliments the colour theme. The glitter accent works well because it breaks up the leopard print. If they were all leopard print, they would look strong and too bold.

And then here is my mothers and myself's matching nails!

Cute right?

Love, Yasmin xoxo