Sunday, 1 September 2013

'Sweet Tooth' Nails!

So i'm really excited because my friend brought back some Hard candy polishes for me from America! I still have some unused from March when my other friend brought some back. I am hoping to do a big blog post on them all, but i want to do nail arts with them all first, then join them in a massooooosive post.

First, I'm using 'sweet tooth' from the candied collection by Hard Candy.

Sweet tooth is a jelly like polish. It's not exactly a topper, but it's not got a definite base in it. I layered two coats over a thin coat of light blue, I used two coats of sweet tooth to get more glitter on the nail.
It's a very pretty polish, which has small light pink, white, light blue and dark blue glitter in it.

To match the glitter, i did pink and white spots on the pinky nail (I used Rimmel for the Pink, and Barry M for the White). For the middle nail, i did a blue leopard print, but instead of black i used a dark blue which actually looks really pretty! I've never tried that way of leopard print, but i am really liking it. I especially like how the nail art matches Sweet Tooth.

I am genuinely sorry for the lack of photo's, it was a bad day, lighting was horrible and i just could't get the right shot. These two were my favourite :)
I hope you enjoyed this post, and the nail art as i will be using more Hardy Candy polishes in the future.

Love, Yasmin xoxo

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