Friday, 13 September 2013

Monochrome and Hot Pink Nails

So Monochrome seems to be such a hot trend, and i've always loved it. Especially when you combine it with hot pink, then you have my favourite colour combination ever!

I did a mix and match mani for this colour combination, and i loved the outcome..

For the Index and Ring fingers i used Essie 'Off the shoulder' with a L'oreal glitter gradient which matches the monochrome!
I then did black and white spots on the middle finger and dry marble on the pinky.

The Pinky's design (dry marble) is one of my favourite simple methods for a pretty effect and i will hopefully have a tutorial on it soon, as i constantly get asked about doing one for it

I'm going to be sooo modest and say that i absolutely love this manicure! 
I think the monochrome looks fabulous with the pink and the overall different designs (hence mix and match mani) works really well. 

Let me know, lik always, what you think either of instagram or in the comments section here!

Love, Yasmin xoxo

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