Thursday, 19 September 2013

Barry M Guava Nail art

So i brought Barry M Guava the other week from Boots. I was unsure if i would like it or not, considering i'm not usually too keen on greeny bluey polish (though guava is more of a blue polish). However, i fell in love with it as soon as i applied it to my nails!

Guava is another addition to my growing collection of Barry M polishes. I adore the colour of it and obviously it's shine (when you don't apply a matte topcoat like i have done). I also really like the opaqueness of the polish as i didn't have to apply many coats. Only 2 thin coats. 

For the nail art i used Models Own Silver Fox for the leopard print to add dazzle and glamour. I also did stripes on the ring finger and i just applied a simple black stud on the index to keep from the mani being too over the top. I also used a matte top coat for the main reason being that i haven't done a matte mani in a while. Seriously. Though i also thought a matte top coat would suit this mani. 

I honestly really like this mani, i will love leopard print nails forever but i like doing different manicures with leopard print.

Let me know your thoughts, like always!

Love, Yasmin xoxo

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