Thursday, 26 September 2013

Models Own Boogie Nights

I brought Models Own Boogie Nights the other day, I am wanting the buy the whole Mirror Ball set, but for now i'll do with this gorgeous polish! 

I decided to do a simple, glitter gradient with Boogie Nights over Barry M Dragon Fruit.

Here is a macro shot. I really love this glitter, and here you can see the all the different glitters and colours.
There is blue hexagons, gold flakes, pink and purple small pentagons and larger purple hexagons.

I really love this polish, i think it looks so stunning and the purple compliments the pink base really well.
I think, scratch that, i know i will be using this polish many more times to come. I will have to grab the rest of the collection!

Let me know, what's your favourite glitter polish type? Topper or glitter with a base polish?

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Pastel Rainbow Gradient Nails

I know it's basically Atumn, but i love pastels and always will. They suit me and any pastel colours are my favourite. Especially pastel nail polish of course!

These are the colours i used (not pictured is the LA colors holo glitter topcoat).
Revlon Blue Lagoon.
Models Own Banana Split
Rimmel Ring o Roses
Barry M Prickly pear

Can i just say how much i love that picture? For one i adore the background (it's just a postcard i got from paperchase) and the edit is too cute!

So here are the nails...

I seriously think this mani is really pretty and i just love how the colours blend. Even though i did purple then pink instead of pink then purple on accident, uh-oh. Oh well, it still looks adorable and you can't tell. 

However, this was a pain in the arse to photograph, and i'm not too pleased with the photos. The camera made my hand look very brown and i just couldn't get the amazing perfect photo i always want when photographing a manicure. I find the pictures i managed to get satisfactory, but obviously i'm not over-the-moon with them. But they'll do. I know some manicures are much easier to photograph than others so i have to take that into consideration.

What do you think of this manicure idea? Love it or hate it?

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Barry M Guava Nail art

So i brought Barry M Guava the other week from Boots. I was unsure if i would like it or not, considering i'm not usually too keen on greeny bluey polish (though guava is more of a blue polish). However, i fell in love with it as soon as i applied it to my nails!

Guava is another addition to my growing collection of Barry M polishes. I adore the colour of it and obviously it's shine (when you don't apply a matte topcoat like i have done). I also really like the opaqueness of the polish as i didn't have to apply many coats. Only 2 thin coats. 

For the nail art i used Models Own Silver Fox for the leopard print to add dazzle and glamour. I also did stripes on the ring finger and i just applied a simple black stud on the index to keep from the mani being too over the top. I also used a matte top coat for the main reason being that i haven't done a matte mani in a while. Seriously. Though i also thought a matte top coat would suit this mani. 

I honestly really like this mani, i will love leopard print nails forever but i like doing different manicures with leopard print.

Let me know your thoughts, like always!

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

OOTD 15/9/13

I am finally doing another OOTD! I actually love doing OOTD's, i'm just usually too busy to go out a lot, so i never have occasions to dress up for! However today i went to my cousins 21st up in Derby.

Being a curvier girl, i have to be careful what i wear, or a better description could be particular with what i wear. I was cautious when buying my new leather jacket because i knew a cropped one would make me look short and frumpy, however broad, masucline one would also make me look bigger. I looked in many different places for a leather jacket and finally found what i was looking for in River island! A (fake) leather jacket with a collar and fur detail. It was only £60, but i also had a 25% discount card lying around from Elle magazine (so i worked out only £45)! So i also was cheeky and had to buy a statement necklace of course! You can't see it in the pictures so well but it's a gorgeous white/silver studded necklace (£12 but £9 with my discount).

(Don't pay much attention to my eyes, for some reason i always squint in pictures)

I also found the black skinnies from my dreams! I've been searching for high wasited, black skinnies for a while now and i found these stunning jeans in Next (£28, but with £10 off your first order they were a bargain at only £18!)

I also managed to get a new bag! I had my eye on one since my beloved satchel broke at Alton towers last month (still crying about it).
I found this really pretty brown bag on ebay (River Island) for only £20 with shipping which i thought was an amazing price for a bag in excellent condition because it's only been used once! It has stud detailing on it and matches well with my keyring i got from River Island last year.

And here is a cute picture of my mum and I because she wanted to take a picture too, she's such a poser.

My Outfit:
Blouse- Boohoo
Jeans- Next
Necklace-River island
Bag- Ebay (River Island)
Jacket- River Island
Shoes- River Island (Last year)
Headband- Ebay

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Monday, 16 September 2013

Rainbow Connection UK

Today i'm writing about the highly anticipated store opening of the new uk indie supplier 'Rainbow Connection'.

 In the UK, it costs a lot for shipping if we order from US indie brands and most don't even ship to the UK.
So i'm really excited for the upcoming launch of Rainbow Connection!
They will be supplying famous indie brands like 'Jindie Nails', 'Lacquer Lust', 'Dollish Polish' and many more!
What is also amazing about Rainbow Connection is that all polishes they supply are cruelty-free and most are Big 3 free. 

Here is the facebook 'about' page if you would like to find out more:

I have been in contact with the owner Annette and she has kindly offered me and all my followers/readers a discount code for the shop!

Annette is looking at a launch this weekend (21st or 22nd) for 'Rainbow Connection'.

Who else is excited? 
This weekend i know i'll be frantically watching the website for it to open!

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Friday, 13 September 2013

Monochrome and Hot Pink Nails

So Monochrome seems to be such a hot trend, and i've always loved it. Especially when you combine it with hot pink, then you have my favourite colour combination ever!

I did a mix and match mani for this colour combination, and i loved the outcome..

For the Index and Ring fingers i used Essie 'Off the shoulder' with a L'oreal glitter gradient which matches the monochrome!
I then did black and white spots on the middle finger and dry marble on the pinky.

The Pinky's design (dry marble) is one of my favourite simple methods for a pretty effect and i will hopefully have a tutorial on it soon, as i constantly get asked about doing one for it

I'm going to be sooo modest and say that i absolutely love this manicure! 
I think the monochrome looks fabulous with the pink and the overall different designs (hence mix and match mani) works really well. 

Let me know, lik always, what you think either of instagram or in the comments section here!

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Glitter Jam Nails

Today i'm using another one of my Hard Candy polishes to do a really pretty glitter gradient mani!
I love gradient manicures, especially with glitter! 
I started off with a pale pink base like used in a french mani and then used the brush to paint the glitter on. I then did an extra layer of glitter at the top to get the gradient effect.

As you can see, Glitter Jam is a gorgeous mixed topper with purple, green, blue and gold glitter in it. The blue being the lager glitter and the gold and green being the smaller ones.

Here is a closeup on the gradient, so you can see the glitter better and the range of colours in it!

I'm totally loving this glitter and i've got to say, it's one of my favourites out of my hard candy collection! (Yes, i have tried each one on a colour wheel. I haven't used them all in mani's though, i've only used 3 in manicures overall).

What is your favourite type of Glitter? Normal glitter polish with a jelly base or a topper glitter?

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Snow Leopard Nails

So today i did these super cute 'Snow leopard' nails. I only call it that because it has the white ombre with the brown and white leopard print, it kind of reminds me of a snow leopard.
I started off with my base of Barry M Lychee, and i sponged white onto the tip and worked it up. I then used the Lychee polish to do leopard print on the white ombre then white leopard print on the Lychee Base.
Anyway, i'll just show you the pictures.

I think the design is super cute yet so simple to do! The ombre of the white is subtle which i really like because it blends nicely and doesn't stand out. I think that's mainly because the Lychee Polish is light brown. 

I love this design and i hope it inspired you guys! Leopard print is one of my favourite nail arts to do and i like doing twists on it a lot. Just because leopard print is easy to do, so i like changing it up and trying new ideas with it (e.g i've done half/half leopard print nails before, leopard print heart and much more!)

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Leopard Print Heart Nails!

So yesterday i came up with the ingenious idea of mixing two of my favourite things; leopard print and hearts. I also used two of my favourite polishes which were; Prickly Pear by Barry M (The lilac colour) and Dragon Fruit by Barry M (the pink). I also included a new nail art trend called 'Waterfall nails' where you do multicoloured stripes sort of dripping in different lengths from the top of the nail. I did the waterfall nail art on my Index nail and my Pinky.

I started off by doing the leopard print on the middle nail as it is a larger nail and would be easier to get the shape of half a heart on it. I then did the other half on my ring nail. On my first attempt (not pictured) it didn't match up to the middle nail. I think that was mainly because the nail is smaller and shorter. On my second attempt it turned out really well and i love the pictures i've got!

I adore the colour combination and i think that's what makes the nail art pop! 
I trick i ended up doing for the heart was painting over with the lilac colour on bits of leopard print that made the shape odd. The clear coat just smoothed it all out so no lumpyness!

I hope you love this nail art as much as i do!
Love, Yasmin xoxo

Sunday, 1 September 2013

'Sweet Tooth' Nails!

So i'm really excited because my friend brought back some Hard candy polishes for me from America! I still have some unused from March when my other friend brought some back. I am hoping to do a big blog post on them all, but i want to do nail arts with them all first, then join them in a massooooosive post.

First, I'm using 'sweet tooth' from the candied collection by Hard Candy.

Sweet tooth is a jelly like polish. It's not exactly a topper, but it's not got a definite base in it. I layered two coats over a thin coat of light blue, I used two coats of sweet tooth to get more glitter on the nail.
It's a very pretty polish, which has small light pink, white, light blue and dark blue glitter in it.

To match the glitter, i did pink and white spots on the pinky nail (I used Rimmel for the Pink, and Barry M for the White). For the middle nail, i did a blue leopard print, but instead of black i used a dark blue which actually looks really pretty! I've never tried that way of leopard print, but i am really liking it. I especially like how the nail art matches Sweet Tooth.

I am genuinely sorry for the lack of photo's, it was a bad day, lighting was horrible and i just could't get the right shot. These two were my favourite :)
I hope you enjoyed this post, and the nail art as i will be using more Hardy Candy polishes in the future.

Love, Yasmin xoxo