Saturday, 3 August 2013

Pink ombre nails with B&W glitter

Today i did this really cute quick simple nail art. I was inspired by a few nail art pictures i've seen around the internet similar to this design.

This is the glitter polish i used, L'oreal 916 Confetti. 
The bottle is really small, which is a shame, and it was £4.99 in Boots. It's quite expensive for only 5ml but i won't complain because i have been searching for a black and white glitter polish for so long!

Overall i really like the design and concept and i think it worked really well! The colours of the pink blend nicely as they don't contrast that much. I also like how the black and white works well with the pink.

The light pink polish i used is Essie 'Were all in it together'
The darker pink polish is Sinful Colors.

Let me know on instagram or in the comments below if i inspired you. 

Love, Yasmin xoxo

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