Thursday, 22 August 2013

Nelly Polish

This is a long overdue blogpost! I've had these pictures for a while, I just haven't had time to write this post.

 Today I'm reviewing some Nelly Polishes I got sent by the lovely Hilary.

Hilary makes these polishes dehydrated! These are the worlds first ever dehydrated nail polishes. 
This is how you get them:
And you just add any brand of 10ml topcoat to the bottle and shake away for a minute! Simple and easy and this creates a jelly like polish. 

First up is Polperro
Polperro is a gorgeous jelly like polish with small gold glitters with some larger gold glitter. It dries matte because of the formula, but looks shiny with a topcoat. 
 I really love Polperro and is my favourite of the two. I used three coats in my nail swatch but on the nail wheel you can see alternate options. 

Next up is Beeny!
Beeny is a very sheer, jelly like polish. It's a sheer light blue base with orangey-red small and medium glitter.
I really like Beeny but I prefer it over blue like shown on the wheel, whereas my swatches were with 3 coats.

If you like the looks of these please check out Hilary's etsy
She has a range of different colours so browse around! Because they are dehydrated they can be shipped anywhere which is great!

Love, Yasmin xoxo 

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