Monday, 22 July 2013

Glamorous Nails

I really had no idea what to call these nails. No, not one. So i decided on the so original name of 'Glamorous Nails' because i guess they're pretty glamorous? I really have no idea, so i'll just go straight ahead and show the pictures...

Colours used:
Barry M Pink silver Glitter (On index and Middle)
Barry M Lychee (Base colour on pinky)
Barry M Black (On Ring finger nail)

Barry M polishes are gorgeous and i own so many! You can find their polishes here:

I thoroughly recommend them. They also ship internationally if you don't live in the UK but would like some :)

Studs are from a nil stud wheel in which i got from River Island. Link below is for a the same wheel but in different colours and shapes. Original wheel i've got has ran out.

Overall, i really like this design. The use of different designs on nearly every nail i quite like.I also love the leopard print design with the pink glitter and light brown polish, it's a great combination!

Love, Yasmin xoxo

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