Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Revlon Girly

Today i swatched Revlon Girly which is a stunning glitter polish with different shades of pink and purple. I picked this up in Boots at the beginning of July and haven't had the time to swatch it until now. 

The Polish looks more purple in the bottle, but as you will see from the other pictures it does have a lot of pink in it. The fuchsia stands out the most compared to the other glitter pieces. The pink pieces still do look bold though. I love the combination of the pink and purple, it's girly (like the name suggests) and pretty. Swatches below are with 3 coats of the polish.

In this picture below, you can see i've swatched the polish with different coats and over pink to show you the polish properly. Each coat looks completely different. One is nice over a colour, but on it's own it looks plain as the base is too clear in the polish. I prefer 3 coats (which is what i used in my swatches above) as it is packed full of lovely glitter! It also doesn't look clumpy which is common with layering lots of coats of glitter polishes.

Overall, i really love this polish! It is £6.49 in boots but with their Buy one get one half price deals across cosmetics, i got it for only £3.25! Bargain! I am defiantly going to get some more glitter polishes from Revlon as i am so pleased with this :) 

Youtube Swatch Video: Coming soon

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Monday, 29 July 2013

Nail polish heaven!

You should know i have a nail polish addiction, i have well over 150 polishes (which actually isn't that much compared to other nail addicts!). 
So i thought i post some i really want to get, they might be expensive and that's why i haven't brought them, or they are rare.
Anyway, be prepared to be shown some gorgeous polishes!
In no particular order...

Revlon Popular

Image from:

We can't get this over in the UK, which makes me cry really, it's so beautiful! I love the light pink base with the silver glitter!

Revlon Whimsical
Image from

Another stunning polish we can't get over here by Revlon! The polish has a clear but with a blue tint base and pink, purple and blue glitter to make a very magical looking polish.

OPI Can't find my Czechbook
Image from

Just a plain polish here, but i just love it. The blue is very unique, and i haven't seen many dupes or polishes similar to this polish. I can get it in the UK, the only problem is, OPI's are very expensive :(

Color Show Chalk Dust
Image from

I've been searching for a black and white glitter polish for ages, and we finally have this gorgeous one out in the UK! I have been searching for it in Boots and Superdrug, but it's always out of stock. But i will continue my search!

Models Own Hot Stuff
Image from

I know, another glitter polish, i apologize. But how gorgeous is this polish? I love the combo of the gold and pink glitter, it goes so well.

China Glaze Make some noise

Image from

I am obsessed with coral-y reds, and i would love to add this to my collection! I really like how it has a bit too much red in it to call it a coral, which makes it unique compared to normal coral polishes.

Essie The more the merrier
image from

I haven't really got a green like this, so when i saw this i was in love. It's not a pastel green, but it's not like a lime green either. I love Essie, and do own a few, but unfortunately they are a bit costly. Around £7 each.

Essie Mint candy apple
image from

I'm a sucker for pastel or light coloured polishes, and i just love this one from Essie! It's not exactly a light blue, it's got a hint of green or turquoise in it.

Barry M Papaya
Image from

A new addition to the Gelly collection by barry m, this polish is called Papaya and is a stunning peach-y orange which i have never seen before. It's unique, and i love the Gelly collection so i'll defiantly be picking this up soon from boots or superdrug.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the polishes i really want to buy, and maybe i have showed you to some new brands or polishes you haven't heard of before?

Love, Yasmin xoxo 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Perfect Summer Outfit!

Today i've just gathered up a few things i've found online in which i adore and would wear together for this beautiful summer!
I love the shorts but unfortunately they are only in one size :(

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

OOTD Party 23/7/13

So it's the end of school, finally! School is out for summer which means i have more time to blog, more time to do nails, tutorials and youtube videos! 
We always have a end of year meal out, so this year we went Pizza hut for the easy, cheap option. I do love Pizza hut though, as it's always delicious! Anyway, my outfit:

I'm wearing:
Blazer- Next, £16 in sale
Top- Next, £14 in sale
Skirt- Miss Selfrigde, £10 in sale
Shoes- River island, £30
Belt- I have no idea, i found it in my wardrobe!

Here is the outfit without the blazer, as it was very hot! Stupid England, i thought you'd be back to the cold weather because of the storm this morning!

These are my shoes, which i adore. They are my favorite shoes! I love the leopard print and the style makes them so comfy to walk in, i can actually put up with walking around in them, unlike normal heels.
I got them around a year ago in River island, and they were £30 then. I wanted the black pair also, but they had ran out in my size unfortunately.

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Monday, 22 July 2013

Glamorous Nails

I really had no idea what to call these nails. No, not one. So i decided on the so original name of 'Glamorous Nails' because i guess they're pretty glamorous? I really have no idea, so i'll just go straight ahead and show the pictures...

Colours used:
Barry M Pink silver Glitter (On index and Middle)
Barry M Lychee (Base colour on pinky)
Barry M Black (On Ring finger nail)

Barry M polishes are gorgeous and i own so many! You can find their polishes here:

I thoroughly recommend them. They also ship internationally if you don't live in the UK but would like some :)

Studs are from a nil stud wheel in which i got from River Island. Link below is for a the same wheel but in different colours and shapes. Original wheel i've got has ran out.

Overall, i really like this design. The use of different designs on nearly every nail i quite like.I also love the leopard print design with the pink glitter and light brown polish, it's a great combination!

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Friday, 19 July 2013

Now vs Then Nails!

I was looking back at my old nail arts the other day, i was so shocked! I was so pleased with myself when i first did these old nail arts and now looking at them, they're horrible! I'll leave you to be the judge. 

(70 weeks ago)
Wow! My first proper nail art i have done. I was about 14, and thought i'd use eyeliner to create zebra print. Oh how i has wrong. The blue one is so messy (i think thats my left hand) but nonetheless, the zebra print on my right hand actually isn't so bad. The polish doesn't look very well applied, but then i was terrible at painting then. I did get a decent picture in the sun of it, it looks pretty good lighting, may be a bit too bright though. Also, I used my phone, but the quality is ok.

(61 weeks ago)
The improvement here in 9 weeks is actually pretty good. The nail art is quite creative, i really like the design. The colours used are also appropriate and go well. The stars are actually not that bad, a bit oddly shape, but not too bad for a beginner. The stripes are also not that bad, some are a but thick compared to others and some are slightly wonky. Also, the polish actually doesn't look that badly applied, much better than the last nail art picture. However, there are some bubbles on the nails, which could be from the topcoat. Additionally, I really like the lighting, it shows the detail well, but the background is quite busy and distracts away from the nail art. 

(52 weeks ago)
I adore this nail art! The design is so cute and simple, and for a novice it is pretty amazing. The polish is applied well, it isn't around the cuticles or fingers and it looks smooth. The flowers look pretty and are done quite well. There isn't a lot of detail, but i like that; simple but pretty. Furthermore, i really like the flower i modeled it with, it looks so cute and matches the nails really well. The lighting is good once again, however, i used my phone and much better quality could have been received with a camera. 

(47 weeks ago)
The jump from the quality of the last to this in 5 weeks is actually pretty amazing. Here i've started to use false nails, making my it better for designs. They haven't been applied very well, as you can see there is glue around my pinky nail's cuticle. Cringe! However, i love the design, and i think the dreamcatcher looks really delicate and lovely. I believe this was my first time using proper nail art brushes, and that is why the detail on the dreamcatcher is really good. The polish hasn't been applied so well, you can see weird gaps around my cuticle on my middle and index finger. Once again, the lighting is good but a camera would have captured the detail so much better!

(40 weeks ago)
Boom! This picture still amazes me today, i love it so much. The leap from the last one to this is outstanding. The design is quite complex and detailed, but i've done it really well and pulled it off. The false nails are applied much better than last time and there isn't any gaps around the cuticles anymore. I've applied the nail polish very well, i've finally learnt how to properly apply polish here. The lighting is good, and its not blurry considering i am using my phone.

(31 weeks ago)
First time i finally got the hang of leopard print and found a method in which the results were good. The nail art design is cute, and i like the colours used. I love the idea of dripping leopard print, and would like to do this design again in the future. The false nails aren't applied amazingly, for example, on the pinky finger the nail goes over the cuticle, but they don't look too bad. The background is very busy, and distracts from the nails which i don't particularly like.

(26 weeks ago)
First time watermarking here, and i have put it in the first spot and it's so big! Why did i do it so large? Anyway, i really like the design of this nail art. It's delicate and complicated. It wasn't done that well, but it looks nice. The colours used are very pretty and match the design well. My hand pose is ok, but the photo is taken a bit far away and i think if it had of been closer it would have been better to show the design and intricacy. Again, the background is busy which i don't like.

(21 weeks ago)
Once again, i've taken another big jump is quality. The watermark looks good and is appropriately placed and in a right size. The design is simple yet pretty, i've learned here that simple is often better. My hand pose is a lot better and i've learnt how to hold a bottle well. Also, i've used a white background and a good quality camera to get a so much better quality image! 

(13 weeks ago)
Here i've started to use a curved watermark, making it look less obvious which is better. I have done a gorgeous, leopard design which i adore! The ombre is so cute and i like how i have done the leopard print matching the ombre. I can also holf a bottle better again, which improves the look of the design because if you have a awkward hand pose, it won't make your design look good. Again, lighting its good and i've used a white camera and background to improve quality.

(3 days ago)
Here i present my most recent nail art. As you can see, i have improved, and i believe i will continue improving as i can better my quality if i can invest in a better camera (possibly in a year?) and if i just continue to pratice. I've learnt key things like using a white background, and how to do a good hand pose which has made my pictures so much better.

I hope this has helped, maybe you will be inspired to continue with your nail art? You may feel you are bad now, but with practice comes perfect, so keep trying!

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Thursday, 18 July 2013

On a walk!

Whenever i take my dog on walks, i always have to bring my camera! The weather is so warm at the minute and all the flowers are out! I love photographing flowers, it is literally my favorite thing to take pictures of. I think flowers are so pretty, and i can't not take pictures whenever i see a unique or interesting flower. In these photos, i've tried to do some macro shots and some medium-closeup shots. I found some very stunning, different types of flowers on my walk, and i hope you like the shots i got! 

Love, Yasmin xoxo

Welcome to my blog!

Hey guys! 
Welcome to my blog! Here i will be doing nail posts, OOTD posts, tutorials, photography pictures and more! I literally can't focus on just one thing ;) 

You might want to see me. Probably not, but here you go anyway.

I'm Yasmin, 15, and i'm from England! I enjoy riding, fashion, and makeup and nails :)

I hope you enjoy my blog, I've been meaning to set up one for a while.

Love, Yasmin xoxo

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